As a healer, it is important to me to help people heal no matter where they are from or what type of healthcare they have access to.

That is why I give back to underserved communities, volunteering my time and knowledge. For the last three years, I have been traveling to Guatemala to help create lasting continuous care for the Mayans of the Quiche region.

Work In Guatemala


Global Healthworks Foundation is an all-volunteer, charitable organization that provides free, high-quality integrative healthcare to medically underserved communities – locally and abroad. In the United States, our skilled practitioners serve in community-based outreach clinics providing treatments to war veterans, recovery patients and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs). Internationally, our practitioners have treated communities in remote villages of Indonesia, Nepal and Guatemala. These communities are remote whether by geography, socio-economics, or political situation. Typically, our healthcare services include acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, therapeutic soft-tissue bodywork, Reiki energy healing, and rehabilitative body movement exercises (e.g., qigong, yoga).

In addition to direct patient care, Global Healthworks Foundation works to train local health advocates in the communities we serve to empower their communities with tools for sustainable health.

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All donations go directly to funding projects providing outreach services to communities in need. Donations cover operational expenses such as herbal remedies, treatment supplies, vehicular rental and fuel, and stipends for local translators and drivers.


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