Shen Shu’s integrative and personal approach empowers patients to realize that they have the ability to change and live a healthier, happier life.  

We specialize in the following;


Fertility starts 6-9 months before you want to conceive. In a world where women spend on average 10-15 years preventing pregnancy, the first task is to shift women’s minds and bodies into a state that is ready to host new life.  

Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and lifestyle changes can help a woman restore her body’s natural rhythm and conceive naturally, even where there has been difficulty previously.  

In cases where western medical intervention is needed, the same holistic approach will increase chances for conception. Through a healthy vibrant mother, a beautiful and healthy new life can be born.   

Stress anxiety depression:   

Stress can leave us feeling helpless, and once turned inward, commonly leads to depression or anxiety.  

Acupuncture helps the body out of the sympathetic state where we feel we are running from a lion and into the parasympathetic state of balance.  At Shen Shu Acupuncture, we work holistically across all facets of your life to help create the balance needed not just to survive, but to thrive.     

Physical pain:  

Most people experience pain from repetitive actions performed every day as part of daily life. Over time, our bodies adjust to continue to support these actions and we begin to develop adhesions and pain in areas that never seem to go away.   

Acupuncture is considered a “positive” injury. The needle enters the body and the nervous system senses the entry point as an “injury,” so it sends out all the body’s natural healing powers. Suddenly, paradigms shift, and what once seemed a normal occurrence is now a healing event.   

Autoimmune Diseases:  

With so many toxins in today’s world, it’s no wonder that occurrences of autoimmune diseases are on the rise. The body loses sight of what is harmful and begins to attack itself.  Generally, western medicine will run countless tests, and result after result will come back negative. This is where Chinese medicine excels: we treat the person and not the disease, so we don’t need a test to know that there is inflammation if all the signs are there. 

Through dietary changes, herbal medicine, and acupuncture, we can start to clear out the toxins and mycoplasmas. Once we start to rebalance the body, the autoimmune disease will cease to be a problem. 

Body, Mind, Emotions:  

The mind-body connection has become a big topic today. Current scientific research on areas such as meditation constantly reinforces the relationship of such practices to your health. It is all connected, this mind-body relationship cannot be separated; you are a beautiful complicated organism with many moving parts.   

The body is very intelligent; it naturally knows how to survive the most extreme of situations. It subconsciously does what it has to in order to protect us.  As we work through healing, you will find that when your stress is lowered, your body relaxes, relieving pain.