New York Style of Life

While I was in Guatemala, I woke up everyday did my Qi Gong exercises and meditated. The day involved treating hundreds of people, yet I did not get worn out. Now I am back in New York, still doing my morning practice yet feeling less peaceful and grounded. So I got  to thinking; does everyone in New York live with this daily stress and not even realize it?

So I guess you could call this the how to survive NYC without anxiety, stress, or the need of a pause button (or at least a way to deal with it all): hence a NYC survival guide.

  1. MEDITATE: I know you have heard it before but it really does help. Yes, Yes your busy, I get it. I am too but you have to heal yourself first. Its like taking out the garbage, if you don’t do it everything just starts to mold and smell. In your mind everything just get cluttered and you can not see a clear path. Take 15-30 minutes every morning and let go of it all. Nothing else matters and you have everything inside of you to be free.
  2. MOVE: Workout, dance, run, or ride your bike to work. Cardiovascular movement moves Qi that can become stagnant and result in the feeling of “hitting your head against the wall.” Outside activities are even better,  Vitamin D from the sun, makes it a two from the price of one.
  3. EAT: Not pizza but food that will support and nourish your body. Head over the the Green Market in Union Square and check out the seasonal fresh wonders of summer.
  4. SLEEP: Your body is designed to recharge while your sleeping. Hitting the pillow before 11pm will allow your liver to properly detoxify your system.
  5. GET ACUPUNCTURE: or massage, something that will help work out your daily stresses. A little self love goes a long way.

We all live with day to day stresses you do not need to live in the big apple. Everyday we wake and make a millions choices that set the tone of the day. YOU are responsible for your life and you can change its course at any moment in time.